My First Post

It’s 12:32 AM Saturday night and I’m currently sitting in bed listening to worship music on spotify. I’ve been thinking a lot about journaling lately, and how it seems to be pretty prevalent in the christian community. Unfortunately, the key word in that sentence is THINKING. I journaled my thoughts on my most recent bible reading sesh yesterday for the first time in over a month. Yesterday’s entry was also only about the fourth entry in that journal, which i’ve had for about 4 months now. Bad Kim. 

But is it really bad that I’m not a fan of sitting down and writing? My hand cramps, and I prefer to write in pen, but I’m known for making horrendous amounts spelling and grammatical errors. In fact, the only reason I don’t already have spelling and grammar errors all over this entry is because I’m on a mac, which has auto correct (Thank you Jesus.)

Anyway, I thought creating a blog would be a way to have the satisfaction of journaling without having to sit down with pen and paper. I thought it would be a good outlet for sharing my interpretations of the bible, my thoughts, and even an occasional sermon.

This could be an epic fail, or the greatest midnight decision i’ve ever made. Let us find out.


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