A Thank You Letter to Tallahassee

As my first year in Tallahassee comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on how much Florida State has given me. 1o months ago I was in Jensen Beach sitting with my Dad, and he was telling me that my main priority in the upcoming years would be to get an education. While my dad was totally right, and I can truly say I have learned a lot in the classroom this year, Florida State has given me so much more than a world class education. Here’s a recap of a few of the things I’m most thankful for.

Thank you Tallahassee for giving me a new sense of confidence.
Who knew that breaking away from my life long label and friend group that I was given in high school would make me so much more confident? I always thought I was awful at small talk, clueless on flirting, and too shy to meet new people, but it turns out I just never practiced it. Thank you Tallahassee for giving me practice on meeting new people, and the new confident, extraverted personality to enjoy it.

landis fountain

Thank you Tallahassee for the best friends I’ve ever had.
One year ago I could not have dreamed of having the friends that are in my life now. From my fellow Landis friends, to my Cheifs friends, to my Wesley and DCC friends, I really have gotten lucky with the people in my life. Y’all encourage me to be a better person in every aspect of my life (spiritually, physically, educationally…I could go on). I know that this year would not have been nearly enjoyable without each and every friend I have made this year.friends.jpg

Thank you Tallahassee for Marching Chiefs.
Ok I know I talk about this all the time (MCATDT amirite), but the opportunity to perform on Bobby Bowden field every week in the fall, rehearse every day with some of my best friends, and travel with FSU for free, has been one of the greatest pleasures. Marching Chiefs made my transition into FSU so much easier, and has given me undying unrelenting school sprit, and I’m eternally grateful.

ncaa champs

Thank you Tallahassee for making me a better adult.
Doctors appointments, grocery shopping, calling insurance companies, I conquered a lot of it this year (with an unconquered spirit amirite noles lmao) ok but really, I did a lot of adulating this year, and I’m pretty proud of myself.

Thank you Tallahassee for all the famous people I got to see for free.
Free front row seats to Amy Schumer, Brad Paisley, Josh Turner. Lecrae, Zac Brown Band, and James Franco all came to the civic center. So many more cool performances all over Tallahassee that I could list. I never thought I would get the opportunity to see these people perform, and it’s made some great memories.

Thank you Tallahassee for helping me find my passion.
I came into FSU as a Public Relations major, wanting to climb the corporate latter post graduation. After working a summer at camp I realized I love kids, and my passion is helping people. Half way through my first semester I knew I needed to change my major, and I ended up as a family and child sciences major. My first day in my first prereq for my major (child development with Dr. Krantz wassup) I knew I made the right decision. Thank you, Tallahassee for allowing me to study a subject I love.

Thank you Tallahassee for making me a more socially aware person.
For those of you who don’t already know, I’m from Jensen Beach, which is a very small, very white, and very upper middle class town. For the first 18 years of my life I knew nothing other than this way of life. Tallahassee’s exposure and proximity to such a large homeless population was truly eye opening. The cultural differences I encountered on and around campus made me much more empathetic to those who have battled social injustices their entire lives. It made me realize that I can have friends who aren’t christian and aren’t band kids, and that’s ok. It made me understand the differences in the world, and that not everything, or everyone, is black and white.

I could list so many more things, but I’ve still got 3 years (and hopefully grad school) left here, and I don’t want to sound too winded. Point is, I really love this place and I’m already counting down the days until fall semester starts. So, that being said, thanks Tallahassee.







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