Dear Evangelicals, I’m tired.

I’m tired of playing your game in order to be a Christian.

I’m tired of acting a certain way just so I can fit in.

Self-righteousness isn’t the way to salvation.

It doesn’t offer hope to a lost and broken Nation.


I’m tired of proclaiming a faith that preaches grace,

But rejects broken people, practically spits in their face.

If you practice your sin in secret its okay,

But please, for the love of God just don’t be gay.


I’m tired of evangelicals shouting “keep the Christ in Christmas”

As they sit back and do nothing, while their church continues to dis us.

You wonder why millennials reject a need for faith,

But the truth is, they’ve never experienced Jesus’ authentic grace.


I’m tired of a church that rejects questioning, criticism, and doubt

Because they believe it’s safer than silence, or anybody acting out.

The truth is silence breeds disbelief, rejection, and shame,

But there’s no room for disobedience in their little Christian game.


I’m tired of watching my black brothers and sisters get shot.

But white evangelicals ignoring it, or saying “you deserved what you got.”

They are unaffected by injustice, and proclaim racism isn’t real,

Which shows how removed they are from the issue, and their small capacity to feel.


I’m tired of a church that is uncomfortable with diversity,

Sending the message “you’re only welcome if you’re straight, and if you look like me.”

They read about diversity of the body of Christ in 1st Corinthians 12,

But only welcome people who think and act like themselves.


So where is the hope, unity, and reconciliation?

The qualities we actually need, to make America great again.

Not shame, not hate, not fear of the unknown,

Rather love and acceptance, the kind that Jesus has shown.







One thought on “Dear Evangelicals, I’m tired.

  1. Douglas says:

    A good bit of thought obviously went into your message. I feel the hurt and sadness in your heart. You need more spiritual nurturing than can be offered by your church. Let me ask you how you have become so alienated by your church at the tender age of 19? Martin Luther King spoke with a similar passion in his early 20s. I am guessing that you are not destined, nor satisfied, to be a follower, but a leader with these words. Am I right?

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